Workshop: Genomic and Computational Approaches for Biomarker and Drug Discovery | June 19, 2015

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Purpose of this workshop is to bring together (Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures) LINCS scientists and scientists from the alcohol research community to explore how LINCS resources can facilitate identification of druggable targets and novel and/or repurposed compounds for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Date | Time | Location

  • Friday, June 19, 2015 from 2-5 PM
  • Grand Hyatt (Room: Travis C/D), San Antonio, TX


  • Please RSVP by May 1, 2015 to Matthew Reilly at
  • Space is limited to 50 participants


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Matthew Reilly PhD and Ajay Pillai PhD, NIH

Hands-on Session: Web Apps and Tools
Session Leaders: Avi Ma’ayan PhD, BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center and Aravind Subramanian PhD, LINCS Center for Transcriptomics

This session will consist of a hands on demonstration of currently available web apps and tools from the LINCS Common Fund program. Participants will learn how to apply these tools to their own research programs. Please bring your laptop computer and gene expression or other genomic data to analyze.

Additional Information

  • Please register and create a account before the workshop.
  • Your genomics datasets you bring to analyze should be formatted either as (1) official gene symbols or (2) Affymetrix U133A probe IDs. Some of the web tools require a list of both up-regulated and down-regulated gene lists and some of the tools only accept gene symbols.
  • Because the majority of the LINCS datasets use human cell lines, gene sets should be annotated for mammalian species.
  • When you RSVP for the workshop, please indicate your area of expertise: genomics, computational or other.
  • Also, if you already have experience with working with any of the LINCS tools, you are welcome to submit questions/concerns, suggestions or other feedback in advance of the workshop. You can submit your questions etc., to the workshop organizer: Matthew Reilly at

Administrative Supplements to Extend the Scope and Reach of LINCS Datasets

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This notice (NOT-RM-15-102) announces an opportunity to request administrative supplements to existing NIH research grants, to support generation of new data that will also advance the goals of the LINCS program. Please view the funding opportunities page for more details.

Call for External Collaborations with the BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center

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The BD2K-LINCS DCIC announces a call for applications for the next round of external data science research projects. The call is for two year projects that would leverage LINCS generated data through application of novel computational methods. For more information, please visit: Please visit the funding opportunities page for more details.

LINCS Cell Line Data Integrated into ChEMBL

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CHEMBL now provides CHEMBL IDs for all cell lines stored in their database and also cross references to the LINCS project.


LINCS Investigators Present at the AACR Special Conference on Computational and Systems Biology of Cancer

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February 8-11, 2015
The Fairmont San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Conference Co-Chairpersons
Andrea Califano, Columbia University, New York, New York
Brenda J. Andrews, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Peter K. Jackson, Stanford University, Stanford, California

View Program

Spatial Systems Biology and Cancer
Joe W. Gray, MEP LINCS Center

Using Single-cell Pharmacology to Improve Drug Design
Peter K. Sorger, HMS LINCS Center

Lean Data Integration Strategy in Cancer Systems Biology and Systems Pharmacology
Avi Ma’ayan, BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center

Transcriptional Landscape of Drug Response Guides the Design of Specific and Potent Drug Combinations
Marc Hafner, HMS LINCS Center

Spotlight on LINCS Information FramEwork (LIFE)

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BioGPS Spotlight on the LINCS Information FramEwork (LIFE) which is a novel knowledge-based, extensible information system of interconnected components that leverages semantic-web technologies and domain level ontologies.

The full article is posted here.

NIH Launches a United Ecosystem for Big Data

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12 Big Data to Knowledge Centers of Excellence Funded

Article about the recently funded Big Data to Knowledge Centers of Excellence was published in Biomedical Computation Review. The Data Integration and Cellular Signaling section of the article describes the BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center’s efforts.

The full article is posted here.

NIH invests almost $32 million to increase utility of biomedical research data

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News release published by the National Institutes of Health about the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative. The BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center is one of the components of the new BD2K awards.

The BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center will be a data coordination center for the NIH Common Fund’s Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) program, which aims to characterize how a variety of types of cells, tissues and networks respond to disruption by drugs and other factors. The center will support data science research focusing on interpreting and integrating LINCS-generated data from different data types and databases in the LINCS-funded projects. This center is co-funded by BD2K and the NIH Common Fund.